Successfully adopting a child will be the beginning of a plethora of changes in your life as you currently know it. Many of the changes that come about after the adoption will be new and unexpected. You may not be thinking about these changes before the adoption is complete, or while you are working your way through the process of adoption, but there will be a time soon enough that they will happen.

Let The Law Offices of Johnson & Pekny LLC help you with an extensive range of family law issues for parents seeking to adopt, including the adoption process and beyond.

We Are Committed to Our Clients and Their Families

When it comes to families, our Omaha family law attorneys are committed to doing everything we can to achieve the goals of couples who want to expand their families. If you have been considering adoption and want a lawyer who will guide you through the intricacies – as well as the emotional rollercoaster – of adoption, the Law Offices of Johnson & Pekny LLC are here for you. We understand that every adoption situation is different and filled with emotions throughout the process, and we are dedicated to helping you successfully complete your family with as little stress as possible.

We Will Be There to Support You

From the moment you first talk to one of our attorneys, you will realize that we understand and share in your excitement to become a bigger family. Our services reach beyond simply filling out the requisite forms and answering your questions. We will also explain all of the options you have for pursuing a family or private adoption.

We will also:

  • Help you decide which adoption option is most appropriate for your needs.
  • Help you terminate any disassociated parent rights for grandparent or stepparent adoptions.
  • Set up and complete all paperwork and requisite adoption forms.
  • Help gather and review all requisite documentation.
  • Arrange to support you in – and attend – all meetings required.
  • Assist you in working through all necessary reviews and applications.

The Law Offices of Johnson & Pekny LLC will also guide you through any potential denials and roadblocks that may get in your way of your dream of adopting a child. All children deserve to grow up in a good home and when adoptive couples are willing to open their homes to a new child, it is a beautiful thing to be part of.

Nebraska Adoption Law

In Nebraska, adoption law requires adopting parents to pass a home study and a self-study that are conducted by a child placement agency before a child can be placed in the home. You will have to pass a National Criminal History Check. Additionally, you will be asked to provide references that can attest to the type of person you are. Before the court can enter a decree of adoption, the child must live with the new adopting parents for six months. This is when a new birth certificate for the child can be created with the adoptive parents’ names on it.

Lean On Us

As you can see, even once the adoptive parents are approved and there is a child to adopt, the process is still not over. The adoption process is often exhausting and emotional, and we understand how taxing it can be on people who are looking forward to having a child of their own. During this time, you can lean on us with any questions you may have or if you just need to talk about the process and what to expect in the next steps of the process.

The attorneys at The Law Offices of Johnson & Pekny LLC are dedicated to working with:

  • Adoptive parents
  • Birth parents
  • Relative adoptions
  • Step-parent adoptions
  • Interstate adoptions

Reasonable Attorney Fees for Adoption

The fees for our adoption law services will depend upon the type of services you are seeking and how intensely you need us to work for you and your family as the adoption process ensues. Our initial consultation will help you understand how our fee structure works, how we bill for our services, and generally what to expect to pay in the long run. We believe in transparency in our billing system so that you are never surprised about our fees. 

Contact Our Offices For Adoption Help 

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