Charged With Drunk Driving? Make Sure You Hire Experienced Defense Attorneys.

DUI - Don't drink and driveDriving under the influence (DUI) is a serious charge in Nebraska. If you have been charged with DUI, especially if you have any prior DUI convictions, it is crucial to work with an experienced legal team. At Johnson & Pekny, LLC, your concerns become our concerns. Our Omaha DUI defense attorneys represent clients throughout Eastern Nebraska who have been charged with drunk driving.

Our legal team is prepared to defend you against DUI charges. Call (402) 298-8288 or e-mail the firm to ask about a free initial consultation with a lawyer from Johnson & Pekny, LLC.

We Are Committed to Your Defense and Your Future

Many people think that only the large law firms with hundreds of lawyers are able to handle their criminal law cases, but this is anything but true. Our smaller law firm size allows us to provide individualized attention to each client’s case. Our lawyers do extensive research in each DUI case, exploring the details surrounding:

  • The initial stop and arrest
  • Illegal search and seizure issues
  • Roadside tests
  • Blood and breath testing

Second and Subsequent DUI Penalties Are Severe

DUI is serious enough the first time around, but the consequences only increase with multiple convictions. For example, conviction of a third DUI offense is considered felony DUI and can be punishable by a fine of up to $10,000 and five years of incarceration.

Not only do multiple DUI convictions involve more severe penalties, but they also require a much greater focus and better attention to detail by your legal team. At Johnson & Pekny, LLC, we can help defend you against multiple DUI charges.

We Will Help You Protect Your Driver’s License

We also handle driver’s license revocations. When you are charged with DUI in Nebraska, you will face two distinct aspects of the process: the criminal trial and the administrative driver’s license revocation process with the Department of Motor vehicles (DMV). We represent clients in the driver’s license revocation process with the DMV, from the initial petition to restore your driving privileges through all of the necessary hearings with the agency and through any necessary appeals.

Get Legal Help Now

If you’ve been charged with DUI, you need legal help now. Waiting could cause you to lose important rights. Call our firm today at (402) 298-8288, orĀ contact us online to ask about a free initial consultation.