When one or both parties filing for a divorce are active duty military, retired military, guard, or reserve, certain legal requirements will need to be met to obtain the divorce. While military divorce follows along similar guidelines and legal requirements as civilian divorce, it also requires knowledge of specific federal rules and procedures, as well as special circumstances, pertaining to military personnel. There are state laws and federal divorce laws that must be addressed in military divorce, while civilian divorce normally only pertains to state divorce laws.

Divorce is Divorce, Unless You or Your Spouse Are Military

This part can be confusing, which is why you need personalized representation to help guide you through the intricacies of your military divorce. Military divorce is not a legal term. In general, and in most cases of military divorce, a divorce is a divorce. However, military couples seeking to divorce each other must be able to meet the same requirements as any other couple in the United States seeking divorce. Residency issues and division of assets can get tricky in military divorces, therefore, necessitating the assistance of a Nebraska divorce attorney who has successfully handled a number of military divorces in the past.

The divorce attorneys at Law Offices of Johnson & Pekny, LLC are prepared to represent your unique perspective throughout your military divorce proceedings, while keeping your best interests in mind. Our goal is to ensure your needs are met as your divorce is finalized. Call (402) 298-8288 in Omaha, Papillion, Bellevue, Plattsmouth and Blair, or feel free to contact us through our website to schedule a free consultation to discuss your concerns.

Understanding Your Unique Situation

Our skilled Nebraska divorce lawyers understand the specific issues and conditions that affect military families, and we spend the necessary amount of time to get to know you and evaluate every aspect of your unique situation. Military husbands and fathers deserve a lawyer who can not only fairly evaluate their needs, but also relate to their unique perspective on concerns, including:

  • The role that deployment plays in the divorce, in general;
  • The impact of overseas duty on parental and custodial issues;
  • How BAS and BAH effects child support and spousal support calculations;
  • Paternity issues, in general, when a parent is in the military;
  • How active duty and deployment impacts child custody;
  • Modifying child custody agreements while a parent is stationed out of state or deployed out of the country;
  • Transfer and relocation concerns;
  • How military entitlements and pensions are affected in divorce; and
  • Fair distribution of assets from before or during the military marriage.

It is our goal at the Law Offices of Johnson & Pekny, LLC to ensure that we answer all of your legal questions to your satisfaction, and assist you in finding solutions that not only protect your rights, but also the rights of your children. We are experienced in tailoring solutions to our clients’ needs and desires and we will work aggressively to protect your best interests.

Military Divorce, Child Custody & Visitation

One of the biggest concerns in military divorces is the child custody and visitation schedule. If both parents can agree on a mutually beneficial child custody and visitation schedule, that works out nicely. However, this is not always the situation, and when deployment and out-of-state moves are part of the picture, the situation can become complicated and confusing. The Law Offices of Johnson & Pekny, LLC will work to negotiate a child custody and visitation schedule that is in the best interest of your children.

Military Divorce, Property & Asset Division

Another topic that can get complicated during a military divorce is property and asset division. While some couples can work out fair division of the property and assets that were accumulated during the divorce, many couples need help determining the best and fairest way to divide property and assets. Our Omaha, Plattsmouth and Blair attorneys are skilled in evaluating property and assets and determining a fair division of property, and will fight to ensure you get your fair share.

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